What’s this all about?


We’re excited to launch From the Gut’s Well-being & Making Work Retreat for actors and artists. The retreat will be held at Slack House Farm in Cumbria, a working organic dairy farm and eco-hostel. We’ll be leaving London on June 16th & arriving back on the 22nd.

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Our 7-day residential retreat is designed so attendees can:

  • restore their creativity energy and well-being through ‘process groups’,

  • continue their professional development with workshops by industry experts,

  • have the time, space and support to develop a personal project (short film, play, etc) leading to a showcase at Katzpace, London Bridge later on in the year,

  • unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Cumbrian countryside.

Our desire to pioneer this retreat comes from our personal frustrations with the lack of awareness and support that artist’s mental health & well-being receives throughout the industry. We want to empower actors to put their well-being at the forefront of their creative process; training, auditions and productions. We believe better mental health means better art.

What will happen on retreat?


On retreat we’ll live, eat, sleep and work together. All food will be provided - we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, so no Tesco’s! Before breakfast there’ll be a wake & shake (physical warm-up) to get the blood pumping and energies up. After breakfast, there’ll be a safe and confidential ‘process group’, where you can talk about whatever you want to, such as feelings around your work, previous industry experiences, future expectations or the retreat itself.


We are partnering with Werner Valentin, a psychotherapist trained in Group Analysis to ensure all attendees are fully supported.

Matt Woodhead

Matt Woodhead

The rest of the day will be split between workshops to develop your personal project & on industry topics like directing, scriptwriting, voice & movement. As well as the From the Gut’s core facilitators, there will be two industry experts running workshops on the Tuesday & Wednesday. One of whom is Matt Woodhead of Fringe-First winning LUNG Theatre who will be running workshops on ‘Verbatim Theatre’ & ‘Developing an Idea into a National Tour’. The other (very exciting) expert will be announced shortly!

Who is the retreat for and how can I apply?


The retreat is for ten attendees and we are looking for people who feel their mental health has negatively impacted their career or their career has negatively impacted their mental health. Those who have a desire to create their own work but time, financial constraints or a lack of support is stopping them from taking the next step. We are aiming the retreats at artists in the early stages of their career - whatever their age!


We understand that ‘applications’ & ‘auditions’ can bring up certain anxieties for people and we want to ensure we reduce that as much as possible. We require no written application, just a couple of quick questions about you. The next step will be meeting applicants 1-to-1 in a casual setting - in person or on FaceTime.

If you can’t make the retreat or don’t join us this time round, don’t fear, we’ll be running workshops on the same principals at London & regional arts institutions and festivals in Autumn ‘19, including Birmingham Rep’s BEDLAM Festival. Join our mailing list to find out first about future retreats and workshops!